Personal real-time sports performance information

Do Athletes have a say?

  • Auteur-e: Björn Hessert
  • Catégories d'articles: Contributions
  • Domaines juridiques: Sport, Protection des données, Droit d'auteur
  • DOI: 10.38023/c9144a5a-dd6b-444d-926f-24ee3c8cf1c3
  • Proposition de citation: Björn Hessert, Personal real-time sports performance information, in : Jusletter 17 février 2020
The much-discussed topic of «big data» is also becoming increasingly important in the field of sport. Sports associations and sports organisers are collecting more and more real-time data from athletes, which they pass on to third parties for commercial purposes. This article first examines the copyright and ownership rights of sports organisers to real-time data. Subsequently, it is discussed whether athletes have a right to their personal real-time data that grants them a commercial right comparable to image rights and name rights.

Table of contents

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The ownership and exploitation of real-time sports performance information
  • 2.1. Copyright law
  • 2.2. Sui generis database rights
  • 2.2.1. Immanent sports performance data collection
  • 2.2.2. Third party databases
  • 3. Do Athletes have a say in the exploitation of their personal real-time sports performance information?
  • 3.1. The right to compensation based on Article 82(1) of the GDPR
  • 3.2. Violation of personality rights
  • 3.2.1. Infringement of personality rights of athletes
  • 3.2.2. Justification of an infringement of personality rights
  • 4. Conclusion

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